Kazan State Medical University, Russia

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Kazan State Medical University is a multi functional and multilevel state institution of higher education in medicine. Kazan State Medical University functions on the basis of self-governance and belongs to the system of higher education and scientific research of the Ministry of Health of Russia.

On March 6, 1994 the university was issued a license by the State Committee of Russian Federation of Higher Education, which gives the right to perform activities in the field of professional education. This complex educational system in the framework of the university provides the continuous higher education of medicine.

KSMU carries on an aimed preparation of experts indifferent fields of medicine for 10 republics. If you want to attend a foreign university, you would become part of a minority. However you would be given the opportunity to meet and make friends with other students from all over the world’s both local students and other members of the university’s international population. You will learn how to deal with obvious challenges, like language barriers, and being far from home. But perhaps you would learn most from the more nuanced aspects of cultural differences including academic ones as well as social ones.Picking one university to attend is a truly overwhelming choice for some. Among myriad schools all over the world, students and parents alike stress about choosing the right one.

We present you the main information about Kazan State Medical University and admission for facilitate your choice. Education in Kazan Medical University is highly-rated.

KSMU are in the top ten in the list of medical universities in the Russian Federation. Students consider KSMU as a desirable place to study and acknowledge our high-grade teaching. Choosing a university is one of the most important and challenging decisions of your life.

Faculties: KSMU has the following faculties

  • Medical Faculty
  • Prophylactic Medicine
  • Pediatrics Faculty
  • Dental Faculty
  • Pharmaceutical Faculty
  • Nursing Faculty
  • Preparatory Faculty


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